This report was prepared with funding support from the International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT). With IDC completing five years in 2019, ICRISAT has commissioned the Centre for Research on Innovation and Science Policy (CRISP) to undertake a review of IDC’s vision and mission, its past and current project portfolio, and how it can do better in dealing with some of its limitations. This report is the outcome of this review. While IDC has implemented several projects and achieved a lot of success over the past five years, it also has a few limitations which need to be addressed in order to enhance its contribution. The report is organised as follows. The methodology adopted for the study in presented in Section 2 and the links between IDC and ICRISAT are discussed in Section 3. In Section 4 the achievements of IDC are presented. Its current limitations are discussed in Section 5. Conclusions and recommendations to strengthen IDC are discussed in Section 6.