Key elements to foster farmers’ adoption of CSA practices

CRISP developed a Policy Brief for FAO-GACSA on enabling advisory services for Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA). ​ Implementing ​CSA practices requires changes in the behavior and strategy of millions of farmers. Rural Advisory Services (RAS) can play a crucial role in transitioning to CSA and help build resilient agrifood systems if a conducive environment for their effective functioning is created.


1. Rural Advisory Services (RAS) can effectively support farmers in adopting Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices.

2. Mechanisms fostering the coordination of public, private and civil society actors should be facilitated by governments.

3. Research and training of RAS personnel should be strengthened to identify relevant field practices and promote capacity development, respectively.

4. Increased financial investments should be made available for RAS to promote CSA.

5. Contribution of RAS to the design and implementation of national climate adaptation and mitigation plans should be acknowledged.

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