Building the capacities in nutrition of agricultural extension and advisory services (EAS) is widely considered a critical aspect to promote nutrition-sensitive agriculture (NSA) and help achieve household food and nutrition security. Under the auspices of the German-funded ‘Strengthening Capacities for Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture and Food Systems’ project (GCP/INT/714/GER), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in partnership with the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) initiated in 2019 a process to understand the gaps in learning and capacity among EAS providers in integrating nutrition objectives into agricultural extension programmes and policies. This process consisted of the development, the piloting at country level, the validation and dissemination of a Global Capacity Needs Assessment (GCNA) methodology aimed to assist countries in assessing their own capacity gaps in nutrition and EAS. The GCNA methodology was then pilot- tested in five countries in four regions by GFRAS member organizations. These assessments were led by the GFRAS Regional networks and Country Fora and consultants specifically associated with these networks. Country level workshops were carried out by GFRAS regional members to review the outputs of the pilot studies.

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