During May 31 – 1 June 2012, CRISP participated in the international workshop on Investing and strengthening Agricultural Innovation Systems organized by the Agricultural and Rural Development Department of the World Bank.
The event brought together both external and internal experts to discuss the findings of the AIS Sourcebook, as well as issues of implementation and recent examples of application of the approach to different country and agricultural sector contexts. CRISP staff contributed to this source book and also participated in this workshop.

This sourcebook draws on the emerging principles of Agricultural Innovation System (AIS) analysis and action to help to identify, design, and implement the investments, approaches, and complementary interventions that appear most likely to strengthen innovation systems and promote agricultural innovation and equitable growth. Although the sourcebook discusses why investments in AISs are becoming so important, it gives most of its attention to how specific approaches and practices can foster innovation in a range of contexts. The sourcebook is targeted to the key operational staff in international and regional development agencies and national governments who design and implement lending projects and to the practitioners who design thematic programs and technical assistance packages. The sourcebook is also an important resource for the research community and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and may be a useful reference for the private sector, farmer organizations, and individuals with an interest in agricultural innovation. It concludes with details on the sourcebook’s structure, a summary of the themes covered in each module, and a discussion of the cross-cutting themes treated throughout the sourcebook.

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