CRISP was part of the Central Research Team (CRT) constituted by the Research Into Use (RIU) programme ( and our research led to development of new insights on putting new knowledge into productive use. We explored the dimensions of rural innovation management in this research.
The research provided a framework to help analyse the sorts of innovation management tasks that are becoming important. This framework distinguishes four elements of innovation management: (i) Functions (ii) Actions (iii) Tools and (iv) Organisational Format. This research on the distribution of innovation management in the Asia projects suggests that it is not technology access-related tasks alone that are important, but the bundling of these with other activities, which include the development of networks, advocacy for policy change, training and other negotiated changes in practice and action. The implication for policy is that ways of supporting this wider suite of innovation management tasks would go a long way in helping make better use of agricultural research in rural development.

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