POLICY BRIEF- Seed Village Programme in India: Options to Enhance Performance and Efficiency -CRISP and CGIAR Seed Equal (December 2023)

During 2022-23, as a part of the CGIAR Seed Equal Initiative, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and the Centre for Research on Innovation and Science Policy (CRISP) conducted a study to analyse the effectiveness and efficacy of SVPs. Our objective was to qualitatively assess the effectiveness and efficacy of the SVP through a comparative case study analysis of these models, and propose policy recommendations to enhance its performance, particularly its ability to provide quality seeds of preferred varieties to women and smallholder farmers. The study found that the effectiveness of the Seed Village Programme can be enhanced through the provision of better access to foundation seeds for farmers, better market linkages, improved monitoring and evaluation frameworks, better mapping of the sources of quality seeds, improved coordination among the various actors of the seed system, and applying a gender-responsive approach to the entire programme. This holistic approach would be a valuable contribution to seed systems and could bring in greater social equity through improved nutrition and economic security to agri-food systems as a whole.