Rural Advisory Services (RAS) are critical for promoting climate-smart agriculture. Significant investments in strengthening RAS will be needed for climate-smart agriculture interventions to be able to deliver their proposed benefits.
RAS currently contribute to the three objectives of climate-smart agriculture, but they need to play a much more active role in supporting rural communities to adapt to climate change and contribute to climate change mitigation.
To fully realize the potential of RAS in promoting climate-smart agriculture, the capacities of RAS need to be enhanced at the individual and organizational level, and throughout the enabling environment.
Coordinating Lead Authors: Delgermaa Chuluunbaatar (FAO), Anne-Sophie Poisot (FAO), Rasheed Sulaiman (GFRAS).
Contributing Authors: Soniia David (FAO), Deborah Duveskog (FAO), Nimisha Mittal (CRISP), James Okoth (FAO), Suzanne Phillips (FAO), Mohamed Soumare (FAO).


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